Midwest Players 2 DVD $10.00

Our second installment of Midwest Players, a series created to document the specific skaters, skate scenes, and other creative movements currently happening in the midwest united states. It also documents the collective's trip to San Francisco, as well as where we stayed. Titles and all handstyles drawn by NOVEL. It utilizes vx1000, super 8mm, Hi-8, and more. Runtime 28 minutes with over 35 minutes of additional BONUS footage. The DVD art was screen printed in house, by hand.

Featuring: Logan Hamm
Tyler Stier
Jacob Hum
Travis Freas
Brennan Barton
Darius Lamar Penick
Benjamin Osborne
Boo Brooks-patton
Daniel Stephens
Zach Barnes
Justin Cooper
Matt Schwachter
Ricky Feid
Grant Mcvoy
Ethan Jester
Alec Gaukel
Simmeon Hella Perryman
Alexander Conwell
Michael T. Strohmaier
Ted Roach
& more...

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